8 juillet 2020

Back to normality?

Shy people start to travel again, and despite the social distancing, the masks and all the inconveniences caused by this unexpected situation, everyone wants to go to the coast.

The pandemic was not an easy thing for anyone. Health First of all. But then everyone has had work problems. Oh yes less people around, less shopping, less money for everyone. Not to mention the hotel sector, one of those that have suffered the most. We have seen many colleagues forced to lay off their employees, some have even closed their doors. Forever.

It's time to seek or bring about change by going on vacation.

Going on vacation has become a necessity for our physical and mental health.

Respecting the rules of the country where one will go, we must regain our free time and our summer. If you plan to spend a few days on the French Riviera, we wish you to enjoy the long awaited moment.

We would like to offer you one of our many accommodation solutions, from roquebrune cap martin, to frejus, passing through beausoleil, we are available with many high-level solutions.

Visit our apartment catalog and book directly with us. Or call us, we will find the best solution for you.


Don't forget your swimsuit and …. the mask!

Happy holidays!

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