Earn more with short term rentals.

Make a Return out of your Cost

We manage your property

What is short term rental?
The house owner may opt for this type of rental that identifies a shorter term compared to traditional rental, tourism properties can be rented for a minimum of 1 night and a maximum of 30 days.
In France the tourism sector is regulated by public local offices which provides explicit laws and rules to transform your property into a source of income. (e.g. Registration of the property at the tourism Office provide host occupation information to the police, Non EC residents, payment of tourist city tax)
Why choose this type of rental?
  • Greater earning potential than a long term rental
  • Margin payment and without risk of non-payment of the rental period.
  • Programmed management and flexibility depending on the needs of the owner.
  • More control over property maintenance and use.

Our Services

The types of services we offer allow the owner to get the maximum benefit
without having to be concerned about the property. The services offered may
vary depending on the needs of the individual owner:

Total Service

performance of all activities related to the short rental program: from initial consultation, collection of the reservations, customers research and interaction, cleaning and laundry services, Express CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT, and all the legal bureaucratic requirements.

Marketing related activities, Management and Online offers update.

guest host key and current status of the property

check-out housekeeping and linen change

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    What are the owner's costs
    Cost of the utilities and internet subscription are paid by the owner, as well as the commissions of the different portals, and our commission
    How much will I earn?
    With our experience and this rental model we can make properties return more earnings than with traditional long term rental contracts.
    About us
    The Group has over twenty years of experience in the field of tourism rentals, in the Italian Riviera in the region of Liguria and the French Riviera.

    Frenchrivieraapartments.rent is a real estate agency, with a team of highly skilled professionals who are specialized in tourism rentals and the management of your real estate properties short term.
    We offer flexible formulas which allow the owner to maximize his profit by being able to use his property according to his needs.
    The quality of properties combined with efficient service and price competitiveness are the elements that characterize our philosophy of short term rental. The care and attention that we pay to detail contributes also to create that unique and unforgettable atmosphere the customer will feel like "at home".

    Our offer

    Short-term tourist rental involves conducting a serie of different activities which give maximum performance if managed by an company with the utmost professionalism.

    In its offer Frenchrivieraapartments.Rent takes care take care of all the steps so that your property is valued at best on the tourism rental marketplace.
    Preparatory Advice (legal and tax)
    Photo shot
    Ad Creation and publication on international portals (Booking, Airbnb, Homeaway etc…)
    Collection of the reservations
    Yield management with constant price adaptation (In all periods the rental price is adapted to the marked price
    Pre and post stay guest communication
    Guest check-in and check-out
    Local authorities relationship (we take care of Bureaucracy)
    Room cleaning
    Laundry services
    Maintenance and service h24


    +33 (0)
    +33 (0)
    33 Bd du Ténao
    06240 Beausoleil (France)
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